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About Us

Our Team

Our LabPrep Phlebotomist are efficient and we safely obtain requisite blood specimens in accordance with venipuncture standards and practice guidelines as delineated by nationally recognized Phlebotomy Certification Organizations. We treat patients venipuncture needs with respect to age, physical condition, and mental status, to determine the most appropriate venipuncture techniques, supplies and equipment required to minimize the risk of injury, infection, pain and emotional upset.


Workplace Testing

One of the great things about our services is that we offer On-Site Blood draw and Urine drug testing at your work convenience.  Call us today, to schedule an appointment!

Our Tests

Why Choose Us?

Our Goal is to maintain that customer/Patient service satisfactory and to maintain and present a positive attitude and concern for patient and staff safety, quality patient care and consistently demonstrates these attributes in consideration of time-sensitive blood draws.

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